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  • Siyo Betro Bet
    Siyo Betro Bet

    When you have a great idea and great cameras, please, use great cameramen...

  • HypixelSiq

    Liverpool should sign sadio mane Edit: i know nothing about football, i forgot liverpool signed him.

  • Isa Ladin
    Isa Ladin


  • Joedapro2009

    We can add Timo Werner to this list now lol

  • Jonathan Hadley
    Jonathan Hadley

    Game should not have been played, but football is big buisness:-( In another thread Christian Ericksen had his Vaccinated on the 31st of May......!

  • Bob Squash V2
    Bob Squash V2


    • Bob Squash V2
      Bob Squash V2

      @Frankie Haley-Smith how is Ella

    • Bob Squash V2
      Bob Squash V2

      @Frankie Haley-Smith helllloooo

    • Frankie Haley-Smith
      Frankie Haley-Smith


  • Harry s
    Harry s

    Who’s here after we beat Croatia 1-0 in the Euros?

  • •Sunrise Shadows•
    •Sunrise Shadows•

    Heskey time

  • Baldy

    Sterling masterclass today as well it’s coming home

  • Jake Buile
    Jake Buile


  • satsumaimo

    Why does Gary Neville’s head look photoshopped in the thumbnail?