Gary Neville on England's Euros chances & if transfer talk will affect Harry Kane | Euros Podcast
Gary Neville was speaking on the Sky Sports Euros Podcast, your home of the best debate, discussion and analysis throughout the tournament. Neville tells the Sky Sports Football Euros podcast how he thinks England will fare at Euro 2020, how transfer talk will affect Harry Kane and his tip for the tournament.

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  • Ultra Destruction Agency
    Ultra Destruction Agency

    The sole reason for England not ever winning anything, is, that those teams that win it, expect and demand that they have the right to win it, and England players, hope that they dont make mistakes and lack the arrogance and drive that winners do. Its what elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.

    • Ultra Destruction Agency
      Ultra Destruction Agency

      And yes we did get to the semi finals of the world cup, but we looked 4th best, and lacked leadership, did not have the technical nouse to open the best defences. Not because of lack of ability, but once again, a lack of winning mentality, and "hoping we dont lose". Youve got to leave everything on the field and not blame others like children when things dont go your way. Be men, and take responsibility, be a leader and expect to win and dominate your opponent and leave them under no doubt your gonna die for the cause.

    • Ultra Destruction Agency
      Ultra Destruction Agency

      Until this, "hope we dont lose" mentatlity and "we cant expect to dominate games against the best". Yes, we should expect, yes we should expect to dominate if we ever have a chance of being the best. It shouldn't be a case of capitalizing on mistakes, hoping set pieces go our way. You have to fight, demand, own, and exude the attitude of a winner with full confidence that you would be shocked to not be in the final and competing to win. Hope is nothing. The mindset of English footballers need to get off their knees, and stop being fearful of losing.

  • Steven Howe
    Steven Howe

    BOYCOTT 'big business' football, there are plenty of small local teams who would WELCOME your support.

  • Techno Demic
    Techno Demic

    England are already beaten. Bringing politics into sport is a death sentence. They have bent the knee to defeat. It isn't the player's role to fight racism, it's the duty of those "in charge" of football, who have failed us dismally, as usual. Southgate is just another in a succession of pussy Managers - chosen by those jobsworth F.A. members who want to play safe - without the balls to bring a winning squad together. He's left out some top, experienced, players, only to pander to the voices who rave about the young and trendy, in temporary form. Dele Ali was an absolute must - as was Lingard. Townsend is a player ignored at top level, while remaining one of the most talented in the country. Our central defence is a shambles. And here, Gary Neville rants on about individuals when it's teamwork, and team spirit, that counts. He was a totally USELESS manager over his stint at Valencia - how would HE know?? So once again we shall watch our national team humiliated, and the manager will try to claim he picked his squad to give them experience for "Next Time" - as all England Managers do. Just an excuse for ignorance and lack of leadership. Competing is about the "now" - not about a dream world when we win some silverware, in the next century. Trent is lucky - he's well out of living in the failure zone.

  • hansi delk
    hansi delk

    England is ALWAYS OVERRATED by the pundits and the England fans. Back four isnt good enough, the holding midfielders are not good enough, a lot of questions regarding Rashford, Foden, Sterling etc. I think they will play there usual slow play, trying to have a lot of possession but not creating chances enough. Keeper is a problem areas as well..

  • A r k a n a
    A r k a n a

    *Only thing that’s coming home is England after the quarterfinals*

  • Jack 567
    Jack 567

    Is the interviewer paying bots to write comments for him😂 He’s deadon I’m only joking, but bet he’s reading all them with a smile on his face lol

  • d t
    d t

    As long as players kneel befor a game for a marxist organisation which isn't about racial unity in any way shape or form. The game I used to love is history.

  • gogzter McAll
    gogzter McAll


  • Jason Kennedy
    Jason Kennedy

    1000s times better chat than the rubbish on ESPN UK. I like the interviewer, no cockiness about him.

  • Daniel England
    Daniel England

    Why is everyone saying England wont have possession or the players to go toe to toe with the so called bigger teams ! Have you seen how much attacking talent we have and the squad in general!! Surely the best way to protect the back 4 should be us applying the pressure with mount grealish rashford sancho kane sterling etc from the front!! Im sure teams look at us and hope we go defensive! Its not like our back 4 doesn't know how to win games for their clubs !! So boring talking about defense.. get a solid exciting manager in there who give the squad belief rather than hang on and get lucky

  • El Morati
    El Morati

    Interviewer is awesome, finally some new faces. He was nervous but asked some great questions! Give the guy some more air time

  • Glen Aitken
    Glen Aitken

    Gary "in regards to/in terms of" Neville.

  • meisterly manu
    meisterly manu

    tell me a match in any Finals where England have been fantastic in the 2nd half. I'll put you out of your misery. Once, 1996 v Holland. We never play well 2nd half, no one seems to motivate england players. Watch our 1-0s turn to 1-1s again and again.

  • ryan evans
    ryan evans

    We won't win the euros were not good enough


    England to win the Tournament Euro 21

  • Ryan Madge
    Ryan Madge

    Brozovic is being overlooked, serious player. Just had a worldie season with inter

  • Will Goodall
    Will Goodall

    As soon as a player steps on the pitch I'm sure the last thing they'd be thinking about would be transfer speculation

  • dr willy arse
    dr willy arse

    Can't wait to boo the Marxist blm

  • Paul Van
    Paul Van

    I can't believe they didn't put the hosts name in the title. He's good but what's his name? Casey or Katie Smith?

  • Ross Maclean
    Ross Maclean

    Arnoutavic doing interviews?

  • matereo

    I hope we get England in the finals. We have much better stats against England than vs Germany, France or Portugal

  • Baz Out Of Hell
    Baz Out Of Hell

    If they put as much bloody effort in as they do taking the knee they would win it 100%

    • Phillip Temple
      Phillip Temple

      You mean getting down on your knees in front of your opponents to push a woke agenda won't intimidate people? Phillip.

  • Colin Dilbo
    Colin Dilbo

    The main problem with Gary is he can’t make a true judgement on the England team because his heart rules his head and his obvious bias towards Man Utd players, Jamie Carragher is exactly the same.

    • dean.

      Fair.. I don't blame him for that tho

  • Dhirshan Gobind
    Dhirshan Gobind

    I was sold on his sentiments until he insinuated Rashford can light up the tournament like Gazza did lol.

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      Robert Smith

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      Robert Smith

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      Chloe Peterson

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    • Horry Nguyen
      Horry Nguyen

      I heard that he’s strategies are really good!!!!

  • paul chivers
    paul chivers

    England should forget about playing defensively, just go all out attack and utilise our talented players. I’m sure the majority of English fans wouldn’t have any complaints if we went out of the tournament by giving it a good go and attacking teams as opposed to going out because we were more concerned about not conceding a goal🤷‍♂️

  • david white
    david white

    Agree… v good interview on both sides 👍

  • Joe Carter
    Joe Carter

    Yes Pete!

  • rael1999

    Lot of bollox talked about the last World Cup. We will never have a better chance of winning the World Cup. Only played two teams of note. Belgium twice and Croatia once and we lost all three. We always make the same mistake in these competitions by taking players on reputation who are injured...Maguire, Henderson, Rashford. Talking about being defensive, do England do anything else ?? Four bloody right backs says it all. Remember playing Portugal ( a weakened team ) in the quarterfinal in 2006. Eriksson dropped the top scorer Crouch and played a young Rooney upfront on his own who ended up being sent off. Clueless management and very weak and cautious which never wins tournaments. One of these days we'll have the balls to play offensively.

  • clouds53

    I think Gary has missed the point. The point was made when England lost to Iceland - "If you enter a tournament and you don't know your best formation and you don't know your best players, you're in trouble." Gareth Southgate doesn't know his best formation or players - he's in serious trouble. England aren't going to go far.

  • Philip Hudgens
    Philip Hudgens

    Translation: "Gazza's goal lit up the tournament (in 96); we've got players that can do that in Foden, Grealish, Sterling, Kane..... _& errr umm Rashford can run fast!"_

  • Neo Dubz
    Neo Dubz

    English players have to much pressure put on them by the Media and most play for rival clubs. Can't see them ever winning anything when other countries have bigger spirit and better chemistry.

  • Red Panda Agency Entertainment
    Red Panda Agency Entertainment

    England never won Euro and the last World Cup they won was in 1966. They must win a trophy with this generation

  • Look Again
    Look Again

    From the man who helped put Kane on corner duty. HAHAHA.

  • guntur alam
    guntur alam

    I choose England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 at EURO this year because of they're difficult to win it, wkwkwk. C'Mon Golden Gen.

    • Shreya Tarun
      Shreya Tarun

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  • Robert Powell
    Robert Powell

    Does any one really give a crap about the national side any more?

  • Matthew Fillery
    Matthew Fillery

    If Geoff Shreeves conducted this interview: "Gary, I see a pair of football boots behind you. Tell us what it's like to wear football boots."

    • Shreya Tarun
      Shreya Tarun

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  • steven west
    steven west

    And this is why Southgate should be sacked. Already lost a CB but hey don't worry we have 4 RB

  • Ashley Burns
    Ashley Burns

    The only concern I have about England is the manager. The players are fantastic, amazing attacking talent.

  • Basardes

    Yugoslavia should of ruled the world..

  • Bez

    Pickford...not good Maguire...not fit and not Good enough Stones...less said the better Henderson unfit and been stealing a living for years Rashford....not good all season, but picked everytime. Ben White, can play anywhere at the back? Ward Prowse dropped.....


    Yes Gary your spot on ! We need this as a country ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Justin

    England won't get out the group

  • Justin

    When the pressure hits we will hoof the ball

  • Justin

    England are not as good as France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Germany. Oh yea Netherlands

    • Jab Police First
      Jab Police First

      Or iceland

  • Mukesh Dhimar
    Mukesh Dhimar

    I'm a Utd fan and I don't think Maguire is THAT good. It's pretty bad if he is England's most important player. Trust the defenders we have and let the attackers do whatever they want. So much talent going forward but I bet they still choose to defend!

  • Arlo

    "Football gAYmes" indeed. They are football MATCHES. Dolt.

    • Arlo

      ​@ncfclee Match sounds wrong to you because you've been conditioned to the American term 'game'. I am 46 and the word 'match' was used ubiquitously until mid-late 90s. But if you think "Man of the game", "game-winner", "Game of the Day" or "Game fitness" sounds alright you go right ahead and enjoy your soccer-ball game, duuude!!

    • ncfclee

      @Arlo Who says 'we've got a match on Saturday'? No one. It sounds wrong. Everyone says 'we've got a game on Saturday'. It's not an Americanism.

    • Arlo

      @ncfclee Clearly you're not very observant.

    • ncfclee

      @Arlo What's more bizarre is how none of that is actually happening but you're still moaning about it.

    • Arlo

      @ncfclee Let's see how 'bizarre' you deem it when it's no longer football but 'soccer', 'uniform' not kit, 'OFFense' not attack, 'field' not pitch, 'bleachers' not stands, and 'rosters' playing in the 'Premeeer League'. The only 'bizarre' thing here is Brits' keenness to adopt Americanisms at any opportunity.

  • Michael A
    Michael A

    England won't beat Croatia, so, the path will be there,,

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson

    Dejan Lovren would start for England in this squad

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson

    As a Liverpool fan you can’t help but appreciate Neville’s knowledge and perspective on football in general. It hurts me to say like 🤦🏼‍♂️ Nothing against Harry Maguire, he is England’s best centre back, and a good defender, but we are weak in that area even with Maguire fit. Maguire, Stones, Gomez when he’s fit, they’re not world class. We won’t win a major tournament with them as the centre backs and Pickford in goal. Against a top quality team we will leak goals.

  • Craig Ackroyd
    Craig Ackroyd

    When Harry McGuire is the most important player, you know your team don’t have a chance. Lol

    • Chloe Peterson
      Chloe Peterson

      @Vin Barnes what’s wrong Vin?

    • Vin Barnes
      Vin Barnes

      WTF lol

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      Vanessa Morris

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  • Get Wrecked
    Get Wrecked

    These knockout stage games make no sense. Runners up against runners up? Runners up against 3rd place? Teams are going to play for 2nd place.

  • Glenn Botterill
    Glenn Botterill

    Gary Neville and sky are the Mafia, they point there fingers but realistically they are worse than anyone. Don't listen to there bullshit

  • TheWrecklessFlamingo

    Christ Neville has aged in the last 12 months

  • --

    Let's be realistic lads. We will get out of the group probably in second place and maybe scrape past the first test then we will be completely humbled when we come up against any serious team. We looked dry as a nuns pum pum in the warm up games, no big thumping to get the confidence up just drab games against plumbers. We need a manager with vision to get the most out of this crop of young talent.

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  • Beef Dancer
    Beef Dancer

    We won't win it let's not get excited. Manager ruined our chances. With his selection.

  • Yoni Marlow
    Yoni Marlow

    I hate the mentality of “you’re not going to dominate against france and Spain” France and Spain don’t have that type of thinking. It’s small team mentality

    • ani bro
      ani bro

      Those teams have much superior midfield to england so its a fact not a mentality problem. But I do think english players are mentally weak when it comes to clutch moments

    • rael1999

      @Gameking 49 ....So let teams come on to you then that will eventually score if they're dominating the game in your half.

    • Gameking 49
      Gameking 49

      Because England are a small team they won’t dominate those games they can’t If they tried those teams would just pick them apart

    • H M
      H M

      Same. And to be honest it's totally unwarranted unless you're playing a Spain team that's on fire, because that's their style of play. France don't play possession football, they've just got brilliant individuals and they're great on the counter.

    • rael1999

      Agree completely with you. The Germans never , ever think like that, not even when there are stronger squads than them. It's embarrassing and I can just see Fergie wincing listening to Neville here.

  • George Webb
    George Webb

    Loved watching this need more stuff like this before the euros to keep us entertained

  • Jack Boyle
    Jack Boyle

    Nice to see new and younger reporters doing the big interviews for sky, asked good questions too👏

    • Shreya Tarun
      Shreya Tarun

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  • peter watkins
    peter watkins

    Disagree with Gary that England need two defence minded midfielders. All great teams never worry about defences they go for the throat and attack. This is why England get knocked out in all tournaments they only look to win when they are behind

  • Sapphir

    No Maguire, No success

  • Stephen Frame
    Stephen Frame

    If player wages determined how good they were then England would reach the final without a doubt, unfortunately that's not the case so we'll get knocked out by any good (Germany, France, Belgium, Spain) team.

  • Morgan 82
    Morgan 82

    We’ve definitely got the talent but as always it ends up turning into a 1-0 lead and trying to defend for an hour and ends up falling through . I hope I’m wrong and we smash the group teams 3-0 and put a bit of fear in round 2

    • Morgan 82
      Morgan 82

      @steven west I completely agree , gutless tactics won’t get us anywhere they never have

    • steven west
      steven west

      That's what happens with defenders as manager. Look at Ollie he wants Man U to attack. Zidane likes the play from midfield passing

  • Veena Cariou
    Veena Cariou

    England,always the advocate of fairness... Euro championship throughout Europe and they may be able to play all their games HOME?! Sayin what about Fairness!?

  • Scotty mackay
    Scotty mackay

    I'm supporting any nation that does not bend the knee. It's sad that it's come to this, but can't support England. Hope they're out in the first round.

  • Dj Hectic
    Dj Hectic

    I was confident England had a good chance before they played the other day they looked like a bunch of strangers. Southgate should stick to his best team for once instead of making 6 or 7 subs every game it’s like he still doesn’t know the players which is crazy as he’s had three years since World Cup wtf southgate

  • rough slugger
    rough slugger

    No chance for England, weak in the middle and back again

  • Dj Hectic
    Dj Hectic

    I think England should play a back three

  • Ironhawk

    Nice headphones

  • Glinch

    Who's waiting for the portugal game?

  • Germ Lilshanker
    Germ Lilshanker

    that painting looks mint if its the utd players,,, looks like butt n p. neville (eric in the middle of course)

  • Stephen Thoms
    Stephen Thoms

    Hope the fans boycott the England games over the vaccine passport. And boooooo the players for taking the knee

  • Young Stars
    Young Stars

    Deschamps literally has the best attack in international football and yet France certainly didn't win the World Cup playing "beautiful attacking football". Neither, btw, did Germany or Spain. Even pep Guardiola adapted a more pragmatic approach this season. Just that his interpretation of the term isn't parking the bus, but controlling the game by keeping the ball. So, coming off the back of the Covid season, and keeping in mind that international managers get minimal time to work with their teams anyway, do not expect any team to go all-out-attack this summer. In other words, please stop complaining about the "pragmatism" and get behind the team and manager! You can criticise him after the tournament (hopefully won't be necessary)

    • Unknown Variable
      Unknown Variable

      Well said, 100% agree

  • Young Stars
    Young Stars

    6:45 this again... It's similar to the World Cup, where England would get the harder RO16 game, but be on the "better" side of the draw overall. Also: 1. If England finish second, they would likely face Poland and Lewangoalski. Hardly a walk in the park either given the state of the defence. And either way, the winner of France's group would most probably await in the quarterfinals. 2. If England finish first, they'd be at home for the RO16 game as well. The less you have to travel during this tournament, the better.

    • Young Stars
      Young Stars

      @Freeshot Jack 😂😂😂😂hopefully

    • Freeshot Jack
      Freeshot Jack

      @Young Stars It’s coming home imo

    • Young Stars
      Young Stars

      ​@Freeshot Jack Exactly! There's definitely a (slightly) easier side of the draw and it's the one where the first place team in England's group will land

    • Freeshot Jack
      Freeshot Jack

      It’s much better to finish 1st, cause either way we’re gonna be playing class teams

  • Jack Tanner
    Jack Tanner

    Gary not on itv then

  • Product

    Gary 'euro 96' Neville

  • OneFoursEmperor

    If England go 3 centrebacks, with wing backs and two holding midfielders it leaves two spots to fill with all those creative midfielders. Let’s jus go for it. 3-5-2, 4-5-1, heavy on the attack

  • CA7

    Hey pundits, why so quiet regarding THE SUPER LEAGUE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Football is for the fans right G. Neville, you moist melon.

  • Lee Bosworth
    Lee Bosworth

    Good questions fired at gaz

  • Tasty

    If Southgate somehow manages to win the euros with this shambles of a squad he picked, it’ll be the greatest miracle since Jesus Christ.

    • Jesus

      @Vin Barnes spread the good word my child.

    • Vin Barnes
      Vin Barnes

      @Jesus Jesus

    • Jesus

      Have faith my child.

  • Steph Oliver
    Steph Oliver

    England has a good chance of winning it ............. But France, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and probably 10 other countries have a better chance....🤣🤣🤣

  • LennyTurner

    I'm yet to be convinced by this England team. Think about it...we got to a world cup semi final and our hardest match was Columbia which we won on penalties.

    • Stanley Rotty
      Stanley Rotty

      this summer we will beat the germans and the french

    • Geremia Russo
      Geremia Russo

      British Columbia ?

    • Mohammed Tahid
      Mohammed Tahid

      @Luke there was a time when they had Owen Rooney, became, gerard, lampard, Terry, ferdinando, ashlew3 cole, Gary neville and they were rubbish

    • Luke

      3 years ago. Was Mount, Foden, Rashford, Grealish, Sancho, TAA, Chilwell etc... on that squad?

  • Zahid Khan
    Zahid Khan

    Gareth Southgate Harry Kane & Raheem Sterling is the biggest weakness

  • Credible Threat
    Credible Threat

    Already making excuses for when England fail... * Kane's head was turned by transfer talk * Foden's hair was too Gazza * Gareth Southgate's suit was too grey * BLM Knee taking booing made us too emotional to play.

    • Credible Threat
      Credible Threat

      @Jonny Cope NPC Grey ;)

    • Jonny Cope
      Jonny Cope

      Yeah but it is pretty grey pal ... 😆

  • jason squibb
    jason squibb

    If england was in a horse race and their opponents had no legs they would still finish last, Total crap!!!!

    • Bill Jackson
      Bill Jackson

      Oh yeah? What’s your country. Funny how there are so many of you obsessed with England. We must be doing something right

  • SLM3573

    England beat nobodies in 2018 until they actually met a decent team and Modric owned them. Peak France will destroy them Portugal playing to their potential will also beat them. Germany could be anything. England have amazing talent up front but the central defence and keeper are shocking. They also for whatever reason just cant keep the ball like top teams can. Southgate was found out tactically against Croatia couldnt make his mind up to stick or twist he is really a bang average manager who talks like an FA Blazer

  • Glenn F
    Glenn F

    Gary throwing a bit of Buddhism in there “the path of least resistance “ is this why you seem mellow most of the time these days😵‍💫 🙏🏼✌🏼 🟡🟢GLAZERS OUT

    • Shreya Tarun
      Shreya Tarun

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  • Control1991able

    Stop bringing injured players to tournaments it’s killing us! If Jordan Henderson is good around the dressing room ask him to face time the lads every couple of days to boost morale.

    • Adam Price
      Adam Price

      @Michael Litten what with a 26man squad? Dont think we have mate

    • Michael Litten
      Michael Litten

      @Adam Price we have done that many times before and it doesn’t work.

    • Adam Price
      Adam Price

      We have an expanded squad where probably only 16-18/26 will even play! So why not take your best players in the hope they can be used some point?

    • Berke Yildirim
      Berke Yildirim

      So the same for Maguire then.👍🏼

  • junior jones
    junior jones

    Gary its them little moments neville

  • kevin williams
    kevin williams

    Southgate..mediocre player, mediocre manager,mediocre football....he is the FA’s dream though and he does kneel well

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B

    Attack should be our best form of defense. We have an attack that's as good as any in the tournament. Kane, Sterling, Rashford, Foden, Grealish, Sancho, Mount... Just play 4-3-3 and let others worry more about our speed, skill and energy instead of worrying so much about what they do ffs, at least in the group games where we should be favourites in all of them. Worry more about the back if and when we're playing a France, Portugal or Germany.

  • Gamernerdizzle

    Nice to see a younger reporter who asks great questions and doesn’t seem part of the negative journalism establishment

    • Shreya Tarun
      Shreya Tarun

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      Stephen Carr

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  • Hamza Minhas
    Hamza Minhas

    mark my words not even one of Foden, Mount, Grealish, Sancho would get a single goal at the euros. Maybe Sterling or Kane but not these lot.

  • Che Smith
    Che Smith

    Love he as Nicky butts shirt hanging up... shows class of the man

  • Ben Fordslaw
    Ben Fordslaw

    England will win the prize for best kneeling. Sponsored by George Soros.

  • Bill Farley
    Bill Farley

    Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are two of the top scorers in the League. During that interview they didn't mention Vardy once. Why is that? Am I missing something? Is it because Southgate hates Vardy? I don't get it.

    • Ryan Richards
      Ryan Richards

      Vardy has retired from international football you egg

    • Rory Mc Grath
      Rory Mc Grath

      I think Vardy is retired from international football

  • John Gotti Sr
    John Gotti Sr

    Gary the Goblin Neville 😂😂😂

  • Brian Adens
    Brian Adens

    Scotland gonnae win ya fuds.

  • smiley061272

    The question of why Henderson n macguire will be played in the minds of the players. Not a good start n also hendo penalty kick incident itself already gives out negative vibes.

  • Michael Schumacher
    Michael Schumacher

    Gareth Southgates line up v croatia: Hugh Wizzy GK Mings (false CB) Coady CB Stones CB White CB Walker (behind the goalie) Shaw (left back at home) Rice DM Phillips DM Mount (defensive pressing merchant) Henderson (proper Englishman: will just let you down) Sterling and rashford will get game time off the bench (run in behind like headless chickens) Grealish, foden saka, bellingham and Sancho will all impress in the 3rd group stage game when we're out

    • Michael Schumacher
      Michael Schumacher

      @Dandroid5000 yep im moving like bielsa.

    • David Brayshaw
      David Brayshaw

      Gareth Southgate tactics v Croatia - pass sideways, pass back, sideways, then defend and be cautious and when getting over the half way line, PANIC AND PASS BACKWARDS AGAIN! Be the most positive in the second half by stepping up to Pragmatic maybe get into the final third! Then.....get a nosebleed and Pass backward, the player the pass back is kicked to falls asleep for a second, looses the ball and Croatia break away and score! 0-1 Croatia! England to equalise late on! My prediction! Normal England fayre! ...... No urgency and CRAP! Same ole tactics that fail every single time! But in the next tournament press re-set and repeat! Again and again and again!

    • Dandroid5000

      Yep, that's pretty much spot on........have you been snooping in Gareth's briefcase?!