"It can be the stepping stone for something better to come!" | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Europa League
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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says winning the Europa League could be "the stepping stone" to a "bright future".

Success against Unai Emery's Villarreal side in Gdansk would secure the first major trophy of Solskjaer's reign and he hopes it can prove to be a catalyst for bigger things at Old Trafford.

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  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy

    Another false dawn realised for utd fans.

  • Mz Alli
    Mz Alli



    OLE YOUR ARE NOT THE RIGHT MAN TO LEAD UTD YOU Don't know how to substitute you always take a risk instead of making right choice you have to change rashford but you didn't done it rashford wasn't playing good we have vandy..he makes best things but you don't allow him to play many time why we.....losed 35mill..if he don't play a min

  • RN RN
    RN RN

    Get out

  • Aidtom

    Your best player is 35 this year

  • Eri Times
    Eri Times

    Tired of progress!

  • Chandan Paul
    Chandan Paul

    Witless this guy is. What an absolute shambles of a performance. Only at United where defeat is acceptable now, can he coach

  • Elon Dust
    Elon Dust

    This is the losers mentality

  • Arumugam Sabareesh
    Arumugam Sabareesh

    F for United ,they where poor in the final RIP 😭😭

  • BenFM


  • hakar1

    Win trophies my ass.

  • Lalhmingsanga Darlong
    Lalhmingsanga Darlong

    With ole United won't win anything

  • MrJermson

    Stepping stone off the cliff to a downward spiral

  • Keen Observer
    Keen Observer

    English media were projecting Arsenal vs Man United final when semifinals draws came out Emery has destroyed both English teams.

    • Keen Observer
      Keen Observer

      @Lowe If United don't spend wisely they will be back in Europa league before new year.

    • Lowe

      @Keen Observer Cant read that mate, but United don’t care about the europa league they have champions league football next season. But I agree he’s done a good job with an underwhelming team, ‘destroyed’ is way too much though.

    • Keen Observer
      Keen Observer

      @Lowe He destroyed their dreams of winning trophy, Villarreal have budget equivalent to Southampton or Crystal palace it is a huge achievement we have the give Emery more credit.

    • Lowe

      Didn’t really destroy them did he though, barely won against a very, very poor arsenal team and managed to hold out against United eventually winning in a prolonged penalty shootout.

  • hrishikesh handique
    hrishikesh handique

    Proof that sky sports football is man United channel. No Villarreal celebrations videos. No criticizing United.. fake channel

  • Don Vinichi
    Don Vinichi

    City the best club in the world still living off sir Alex them days are done the delusional man is real no subs cost us the game 118 minutes until first substitution David de gea has not save a penalty since 2017 Henderson saves 6 penalties since the should of done a Tim krull change the keeper ole has hit his ceiling its time to go after next season if we don’t win premier league or champions league trophy 🏆 simple as because that’s the next stage after 2nd just like kloop at Liverpool it’s now or never for ole gunner & Manchester Utd

  • Jamie head
    Jamie head

    Good ebening

  • Nos feratu
    Nos feratu

    a club with so many quality world class player with world class resources and the biggest fanbase can't even win a europa league how the hell that happen ? ahahahah

  • Svavar Ingi Ríkharðsson
    Svavar Ingi Ríkharðsson

    Man United's ambition's are surely the highest but their capabilities are ambitious, but their capabilities from VAR decisions are pressured due to Man Utd fan's death threats to referees.

  • enTropy of Thought
    enTropy of Thought

    Best club in the world 😂😂 Pls don't .. He's a makeshift coach The people at the very top in man utd don't have any ambition , they just want money Bring in Allegri or some other proven manager's this team will be different

    • Aidtom

      Cringe FC best club in the world 😂

  • Divyansh Bahuguna
    Divyansh Bahuguna

    The OG bottler 😎

  • Phil Beattie
    Phil Beattie

    Ollie at the wheel lol 😂 we expect to win no respect it bits you , You can’t rely on Ferguson being there !

  • royy walls
    royy walls

    Somebody needs to wake this guy up ..

  • Steven Bartkowski
    Steven Bartkowski

    should be proud, not a Man U fan but I respect the rebuild

  • si rob
    si rob

    It can be the stepping stone for something better to come! WHAT LIKE A NEW MANAGER?

  • Brandon Harker
    Brandon Harker

    Losing can be a stepping stone for losing again.


    !!!! Loser. U r z only one who failed to win a trophy since 2013.u r only good In reaching semis, final and talking. @FEhashtag

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith

    Haha pmsl

  • Pockaii O
    Pockaii O

    Well done villareal 😊

  • Hahaha Yo
    Hahaha Yo

    This didn't age well

  • marcos gonzales
    marcos gonzales

    Poor Urinated :(

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    Best club in the world can’t win Europa league 😂😂

  • MaestrePardoCintoraEscolarMaraña

    stepping down ,but good season too

    • ap cwk
      ap cwk

      No he even said it's been a failure

  • Tawonga Anthony Chenga
    Tawonga Anthony Chenga


  • josh Polland
    josh Polland

    Pov ur here after they choked

  • Jordan

    Aged like milk

  • Komborero Chime
    Komborero Chime

    Who is here after the lost

  • Mr Ok
    Mr Ok

    Using losing as a stepping stone? Lool Olé the fraud

  • Ice_FFXIV

    This didn't age well

  • simon austin
    simon austin

    Well this aged well

    • John McKeogh
      John McKeogh

      It’s a rip

  • Emmett Beaumont
    Emmett Beaumont

    Who's here after utd just lost 😂😂😂😂

  • subash s
    subash s

    Over hype the premier league and this is the result ,these guys will never learn

    • 97jimmy97

      @ap cwk true but the best players and clubs were universally considered to play in la liga. Tv money in the prem and so many of the teams are international quality instead of top 4/6. All top players moving to prem. Other leagues looking weaker

    • ap cwk
      ap cwk

      @97jimmy97 2005-2012 English clubs were very strong. 3 wins and lots of finals.

    • 97jimmy97

      @ap cwk Prem has never been more dominant😂

    • ap cwk
      ap cwk

      @97jimmy97 yeah both champions league finalists are from premier league lmao

    • 97jimmy97

      No you’re just trying to force a narrative. Prem is immense

  • Philip Garnett
    Philip Garnett

    De Gea can't shoot lol

    • Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
      Abhirakshit Nawani IITB

      Maybe bcoz he is a GK? I might be wrong tho

  • Leigh Richards
    Leigh Richards

    Yes....a stepping stone to the sack lol

  • Flavs

    Stepping stones usually go upwards

  • Don Madara
    Don Madara

    Good ebening

  • Suaird


  • Jono zambrotta
    Jono zambrotta

    Haha lol loser Ole at the wheel stepping-stone to Nowhere

  • Tuku Watchdog
    Tuku Watchdog

    Ooh you bottled it Ole

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    Shame on you skysports not a single mention about your hockey Heroes

  • Jason brosnan
    Jason brosnan

    As long as he picks the strongest team available, because you can be sure villareal will have a strong side out 🙏🤞

  • Kennedy central
    Kennedy central

    ManU the best club in the world???😲😂😂😂 Don't think so Oldo

  • Harjit Domeli
    Harjit Domeli

    Surely ole could have chosen better words than to say you can concede in the first minute you can get an injury but how about if he'd said we could get a goal in the first minute they can get a player sent off early on. It shows hes nervous and not sure. Lets all get behind ole and the team and win the cup and celebrate oles and many players first trophy.

    • Bill Mwika
      Bill Mwika

      Come off all that fairytale nonsense we need a new manager

  • Declan Carey
    Declan Carey


  • PKI !!
    PKI !!

    This is gonna be a good ebening

  • PKI !!
    PKI !!

    Emerys at the wheel

    • Shuaib Ayub
      Shuaib Ayub

      Good ebening

  • Ziggy Zagger
    Ziggy Zagger

    Good ebening

  • 91 vanced
    91 vanced

    Ole Forever ❤️

  • rashid azzan
    rashid azzan

    What ever happens I hope they give there all it, a win will give Ole the confidence he badly needs to challenge more titles next season. Hope the team doesn't disappoint especially the back four and our two defensive midfielders

  • trashford

    Its make or break for ole . No excuses in case of loss. Its a second tier trophy . If he must prove he is not a pe teacher , utd must win today and followed by premier league/champions league next year is must . If he however loses today ,he must be sacked before the team steps out of the stadium .

  • Cody

    United will lose this game, I bet any money. They were very lucky this season, Emery will outclass Ole and Villarreal will be 2021 UEL Champions, mark my words.

    • Cody

      @Abhirakshit Nawani IITB I’m always right with united. Terrible team, lucky this season. They’ll be even worse next season.

    • Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
      Abhirakshit Nawani IITB

      Lol u were right

    • A4

      Nostradamus still lives in the name of Cody lol

    • Cody

      @slashthe2nd VAR…. Ridiculous amount of wins from losing positions, other teams (Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal) doing poorly. We’ll lose this final and you’ll see why. Next season United will be lucky to finish top 6 never mind top 4.

    • slashthe2nd

      Explain how they were lucky? Im waiting ...

  • agent 49
    agent 49

    The team should b ok it's up to Ole's tactics to see if we can clinch it ,very worried about Ole

  • agent 49
    agent 49

    0:45 it's a young team so why don't u use those young players u stay with Mcfred and Magloff ,it's sad


    Unai Emery will no doubt massacre united and vanquish them in style and tactically Unai is superior than manchester united manager

  • David C
    David C

    He's talking like they've already won it!

    • Zlatan

      @Jackiechan well said

    • Jackiechan

      I always get worried when people act like they already won. I dont think its good psychologically.

  • Marcel Paul
    Marcel Paul

    Just love the comments from Utd obsessed trolls.....not a brain cell among you......pathetic

  • Noelle Francisco
    Noelle Francisco

    I'm soooo excited and soooo nervous

  • Mehmet Pektas
    Mehmet Pektas

    He is average manager, and United has not improved since Moriounho sacked. After Ferguson, club spend biggest money for star player and support OLe.

    • Marcel Paul
      Marcel Paul

      stop the lies...

  • George Hansen
    George Hansen

    All these United fans getting hyper over a POUNDLAND final lol,if they somehow bottle it..they will all be saying,oh it's only a small trophy..we wasn't bothered about it anyway 😂😂😂

    • George Hansen
      George Hansen

      @Marcel Paul good Ebening...are you still on the floor crying?!?🤣🤣🤣

    • Marcel Paul
      Marcel Paul

      All these worthless no account trolls obsessed with Man Utd that can't write using correct grammar......"we wasn't bothered" I'm on the floor...Baaaaahaaahaaahaaaa

  • Chris

    Go on Ole big man. Lift that trophy. You deserve it

  • Marlo Stanfield
    Marlo Stanfield

    I don’t even like how this guy talks

    • Marcel Paul
      Marcel Paul

      You ignorant clown.....English is not Ole's first language but those like you are incapable of ever learning another language.

  • Conor Ling
    Conor Ling

    Cmon lads let's win cmon united

    • Shuaib Ayub
      Shuaib Ayub

      Good ebening

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong

    No doubt we're a good team but we're still unpredictable

  • Kevin Whereat
    Kevin Whereat

    It’s as good as it gets for you and that drab squad. If you lose it’s an embarrassment, if you win no one cares. Let’s be honest, you are only in it because you couldn’t cut it in the Champions league, and to be honest, even through Utd Fergie era, you never won the Champions league many times. Utd manager and club have been dining out on the late goals they scored in 1999 for 2 generations, deluded you all are.

    • Kevin Whereat
      Kevin Whereat

      The club and fans have been a disgrace to the Premier league especially with their protest and trying to fix the top 4 positions so LFC wouldn’t qualify. WhT they underestimated was the quality over our club fans and ability to Trash Utd at their home ground

    • Marcel Paul
      Marcel Paul

      cry more loser....

    • Haider Family
      Haider Family


  • atakan türkyılmaz
    atakan türkyılmaz

    for couple of match m.united favoured by referee s..otherwise would be at final s..lets be honnest..villareal with this defence game..no way they can be beating by m.united..its a clearly draw

    • atakan türkyılmaz
      atakan türkyılmaz

      @PEP Guardiola well ... exactly as i said..

    • PEP Guardiola
      PEP Guardiola

      Can't be a draw.. It's a final.

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson

    These trophies that were for egos & hide progress, are now stepping stones. Man Utd players sign to win Europa Leagues. Low Standards Fc

  • Раутер Сияд
    Раутер Сияд

    😝..Manchester united to win an Europe league to start the legacy.. Come on, give us a break.

    • Syed Mohammed
      Syed Mohammed


  • Tony

    He doesn’t sound too confident

  • Kenny Lee
    Kenny Lee

    This game is very tough however United will scrape through and become Champion of Europa Cup once again. I salute you Ole Gunnar Solskjaer!!!

    • simon austin
      simon austin

      Good ebening

    • How to breathe Pls im new
      How to breathe Pls im new

      Good ebening

  • Dylan Laing
    Dylan Laing

    Still think it’s absolutely mental how he’s the manager of Man Utd

  • Praveen B
    Praveen B

    Before ole as manager, MANU will never be the team to score more goals after Sir Alex. Then ole, better find some good coach. Now ole, maybe the coach manu need expecially for young MANU players. If europa league won by MANU, get players to support this club legend.

    • Shuaib Ayub
      Shuaib Ayub

      Good ebening

  • Reece 92
    Reece 92

    This is a must win

    • Shuaib Ayub
      Shuaib Ayub

      Good ebening

  • South West
    South West

    I can’t believe they haven’t sacked him yet, Jose did more in his first season than he’s done in his entire Utd career I don’t understand I really don’t.

    • Happyapple42

      They should sack him 10 minutes before kick off.

  • SPACEY boiii
    SPACEY boiii

    Ole feels super confident but I like that.😏

    • Shuaib Ayub
      Shuaib Ayub

      Good ebening

  • Lastname Firstname
    Lastname Firstname

    Preparing the Good Ebening memes for when Villareal wins.

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin

      @Lastname Firstname I'm still lmao coz of the way The United fans in my house are looking at me

    • Lastname Firstname
      Lastname Firstname

      @Tyler Martin Laughed my ass off when De Gea was playing mindgames with the Villareal players and then ends up missing a penalty himself GREAT EBENING

    • Lastname Firstname
      Lastname Firstname

      @Tilikum Tim Not having a good ebening my friend?

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin

      "Good ebening"

    • Tilikum Tim
      Tilikum Tim

      nice and original

  • Belii

    if they lose united is done for the next 20 years

    • Magikarp Splashy
      Magikarp Splashy

      Yeaa really ruined Liverpool when they lost the europa league final a few years back

  • Shane Ali
    Shane Ali

    My money on unai Emery 1 thing that man knows is how to win the Europa league

    • Fathima Mohamed Ali
      Fathima Mohamed Ali

      good ebeining

  • Fiery


    • swag lad
      swag lad


  • vikram dharma
    vikram dharma

    If this Man utd team fails aganist Villarreal which finished 7th in laliga then we can say goodbye to United chances of challenging for EPL and UCL for next couple of years even if they buy couple of players this summer. This should be must win game for United, anything less will be a question mark on the capability of Ole as a Manutd coach.

  • Boom Flick
    Boom Flick

    Only in this tournament because you bottled the champions league

  • Derek Mcloughlin
    Derek Mcloughlin

    Shitting myself and nervous for tonight really hope we win

  • Manj

    Just get the job done

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin

    Remember the days when Man United , Real Madrid and Barcelona were the top 3 unchallenged clubs in the world? They had all the best players and dominated year in and year out. Boy how things have changed. (Coughs*Chelsea*Man City*PSG*Atletico)

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin

      @Lord FarquaadYeah I do sound like an overreacting clueless child over hyping these teams based off of one season. Okay Atletico might have been a stretch and PSG are bottlers but Man City are literally the benchmark for successful modern clubs, even though they bottle too. If they win the UCL this season they're likley to get to more finals a little more easily after this season and could become multiple time UCL winners in the next 10 years. Never thought I'd get to say that about this club. Everyone used to look down on us 10 years ago and way back before that.

    • Lord Farquaad
      Lord Farquaad

      @Tyler Martin I see your point but you’re basing it off of this one season. Last season Barca and Madrid finsihed above atletico so how can you say Atletico consistently beat Barca and Madrid when really they’ve done it once

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin

      @Lord Farquaad Yes!! I am 21!! How did you know?, You are so smart. Lol yea I am 21 But I'm no idiot. I also have a valid point. You do too. So if I can see your point? Why can't you see mine?

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin

      @Lord Farquaad You're 100% right. The past 10 years are recent history. And Real Madrid and Barcelona did way more than Man City, PSG and Chelsea in the past decade. Hence I said "Remember those days when they USED to dominate?" I'm well aware of the prestige of those huge clubs. But they've fallen off now. And any of the three clubs I keep mentioning can beat them over and over and over again

    • Lord Farquaad
      Lord Farquaad

      Right well you’re clearly 12 so 😂

  • innit

    I always hear Conor Moore saying fantastikkkkk when doing an Ole impression but he never says the word.

    • Rashid Bin Zaman Shaan
      Rashid Bin Zaman Shaan

      No. Ole does say FANTASTIC a lot.

    • En1_1

      @Ameen Iqbal he says it in the post match ones more frequently

    • Ameen Iqbal
      Ameen Iqbal

      Ole says it everytime. just check his few other interviews.

  • Sanket Shambharkar
    Sanket Shambharkar

    Plan, Prepare and Expect to win. Ole listens to Zig Ziglar I guess 🧑‍💻🧑‍💻

  • Gold

    Jose posted on his Twitter him with the Europa League Trophy From 2017

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Man united are blatantly neglecting this trophy, villareal would die to win it

    • How to breathe Pls im new
      How to breathe Pls im new

      @Happyapple42 good ebening

    • Happyapple42

      Ahh Mr bond, you do talk shite.

  • Colin Doyle
    Colin Doyle

    Jose finished second and won a Europa league? Ole about to do the same but apparently Utd have taken big steps forward? Hahahaha small club mentality

  • Arjun Shetty
    Arjun Shetty

    About in 7 hrs time this clown will be bottling the europa league...for a manager who thinks winning trophies is overrated..can't expect anything more😂😂..and to add to it..it's mat Busbys bday and this day on 1999 they won the league..what a day to bottle it😂😂😂

    • Arjun Shetty
      Arjun Shetty

      @George White how did it go boy😂😂😂 must be used to choking now right

    • Arjun Shetty
      Arjun Shetty

      @Marcel Paul what did I tell you😂😂😂😂😂 u bunch of clowns..ole chocked again.. pathetic substitutions

    • Marcel Paul
      Marcel Paul

      @Arjun Shetty you misspelled your user troll name.... it should be arjun shitty because you talk shite.

    • Arjun Shetty
      Arjun Shetty

      @George White stating the obvious

    • George White
      George White

      so much hate…

  • MMA&SportsFan

    Prove your haters wrong ole and get us a trophy