Phil Foden reveals the inspiration behind his NEW blond hairstyle! ✂️

  • Gustavo Portela
    Gustavo Portela


  • Ryan Dang
    Ryan Dang


  • Mate Dicmo
    Mate Dicmo

    Barbie girl

  • Mohammed Raja
    Mohammed Raja

    Focus on football win something on the international stage then do hairstyles. Pogba is a World Cup winner before people start saying anything.


    More like the earling haaland

  • Gift

    "The real Phil Foden could you please stand up"🗣🗣

  • James Bews
    James Bews

    Wannabe wife beater!

  • david bull
    david bull

    love phils now look love the earing

  • panda

    My preciousss!! 😂

  • philip hancock
    philip hancock

    He's put a lot of thought and effort into his appearance, bet he doesn't put that much in to playing football for his country

  • Akash Chauhan
    Akash Chauhan

    He is slim he look shady But he isn't slim shady

  • markel arenzana
    markel arenzana


  • Statistically Improbable Twat
    Statistically Improbable Twat

    If you dye your hair you’re an idiot. Unless you were born ginger.

  • teddy Field
    teddy Field


  • Chris

    I phill fodem

  • Gurkamalpreet Buttar
    Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    Foden is better than Buffon ezy

  • Gurkamalpreet Buttar
    Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    Foden> Goats

  • Phillip Murphy
    Phillip Murphy

    Love how he said to him Your to young to remember Gazza but yeah that may be the case but even know he clearly knows who he is

  • Javaria Ahmad
    Javaria Ahmad

    My teacher says he will get foden hair cut if england wins euros

  • kendall mcguire
    kendall mcguire

    Man looks like a batty man 🤣

  • Sugar ray Robinson
    Sugar ray Robinson

    Oliver holt great question! absolute bellend thanks for coming

  • Stevieg89

    😂😂 wtf with all that money and he looks like that haha

  • big man ron
    big man ron

    Oh no the cut he’s slowly transforming in to Gazza Hopefully he doesn’t start sniffing

  • Billy Larkin
    Billy Larkin

    Class player. Shocking hair

  • Joe Byerley
    Joe Byerley

    This was front page news….

  • Donald

    Leave the kid alone man ffs Talking a UCL final which he lost when he's got Euros coming up

  • Dino-Dom

    His a good looking lad! Fair play to him. Good luck lads.

  • Ali AlAydaroos
    Ali AlAydaroos

    we can all agree that the champions league question was unnecessary

  • DonKx

    This, in school, is bullying material.

  • Cheebi

    Switch Foden with Pogba and the reaction is completely different from Sky Sports

  • Cheebi

    Switch Foden with Pogba and the react is completely different from Sky

  • sir depresion
    sir depresion


  • HrydayeshHP3

    King Em is always King EM!!!

  • Atiyanganba Ningthoujam
    Atiyanganba Ningthoujam

    😂🤣😂 oh my god the hair, hope he didn't became a meme

  • Anime Dude
    Anime Dude

    Takuache vibes

  • Furtive Pygmy
    Furtive Pygmy

    England will literally be eliminated in the group stage

  • Ben Hardcastle
    Ben Hardcastle

    Why is his haircut sky sports news. This isn’t news. We’re here to play football

  • Dani Lani
    Dani Lani

    Looks weird but hey if he likes it thats all that matters xD

  • Be Like Water
    Be Like Water

    Nowhere near as good as Gazza. Stop the hype 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mr H 187
    Mr H 187

    Atleast get a proper trim tho 😂

  • Flaviu Bratan
    Flaviu Bratan

    Guy looks like Ellen Degenerate that TV show chick

  • Peter Maurer
    Peter Maurer

    Southgate is a guarantee for failure.

  • Dr. Acoustic
    Dr. Acoustic

    Looks similar to his champions league medal

  • Ashish Nair
    Ashish Nair

    remember when we all said we will get foden's trim if england wins the euros? well what about now? 😂😂


    It's a bloody hair cut man get over it

  • Broken TV
    Broken TV

    Inspirition from Iceland

  • John Carlin
    John Carlin

    Come on slim, bring it home son !!!

  • Albie Games & vlogs
    Albie Games & vlogs

    Do the Gazza celebration or we riot

  • Thomas Bardsley
    Thomas Bardsley

    Such an important conversation leading up to a bug game...I really want the deeper questions to be answered though like in regards to the whole England squad what is the most favourite pizza topping or skimmed or semi skimmed milk? You know the true stuff that prepares us for game time 🙄🙄🙄🤪🤪🤪


    Este chico va hacer unos de los mejores jugadores del mundo sin duda

  • GhostVaperYT

    this is whats wrong with the UK - he is a role model and he looks like an idiot

  • JoJo Adventure
    JoJo Adventure

    Will he shine in the Euro?

  • Horny Girl🍑🍆
    Horny Girl🍑🍆

    *Eminem* 😊

  • David Carter
    David Carter


  • Phil W
    Phil W

    What are those questions...? Why not ask about his position, where he wants to play. Which teams in the tournament excite him to play against. Already beaten Mbappe in a tournament this year, hoping to face him again? Your link up play in U21 world cup with Mount was great, that connection still there? You guys looking forward to playing together again? Instead.. new hair? Are you Gazza? England have lost in the past and you just lost a CL final... wtf

  • DennyCraneReloaded

    damn even before he had the ugliest hair cut in football

  • Matthew Chandler
    Matthew Chandler

    Leave him alone.

  • magicfreak15

    The haircut is irrelevant - the lad is getting attention regardless, he’s getting the hype cos he’s England’s most promising prospect. Him and Grealish have to start surely!! If not Southgate is f*cling clueless!!!

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    "Gareth's great..." - accompanied by massive visual tell that he doesn't believe what he's saying. LOL

  • Jack Donaghey
    Jack Donaghey


  • Sivos


  • Yeet Meat
    Yeet Meat

    I really like foden but his hair style is terrible

  • Degenerate

    Imagine Roy Keane dying his hair and answering these questions.

  • Duerphy Kat
    Duerphy Kat

    As good as Foden is, his hair style is just god awful

  • DW

    Are they under attack by spitfire?

  • Gavin Hart
    Gavin Hart

    The media is hilarious.

  • A A
    A A

    Lol 😂

  • chijioke nwokoro
    chijioke nwokoro

    The most Irrelevant questions. Smh

  • Shando Navado
    Shando Navado

    There's a slim shady in all of us 🤣🤣🤣

  • Makaveli 92
    Makaveli 92

    Man looks like jugde rinder ffs😂😂😂

  • cjs2805

    What a bellend

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith

    When Foden said "You have to forget about it and be teammates," this came up in my head: Imagine Mount and Foden on the pitch during a match Mount: Phil, pass me the ball! Foden: What, so you can pass it to Havertz to score!?

  • chris j
    chris j

    Couldn’t give a toss

  • F1Adam8

    wheres the same energy when Pogba dyes his?

  • Quincy Shadrick
    Quincy Shadrick

    This is a really bad Frank Ocean impersonation

  • Kieran

    its so bad LMAO come on bruh

  • Luke Z
    Luke Z

    "It hit me like a wrecking ball"

  • Tdpowers24


  • TechInvestor

    Three things I know for certain: 1. England will bottle it again 2. Foden is hyped up and won't live up to the hype 3. They'll blame the media and someone will blame COVID, the vaccines and Bill Gates

  • Richard Fitzpatrick
    Richard Fitzpatrick

    who gives a damn how he plays still plays unreal and bad

  • Ricardo Antonio
    Ricardo Antonio

    He's super Sayan now!

  • Hooman Seresht
    Hooman Seresht

    Loser mentality I’m afraid. Which is typical of English football players. You’ve just lost the biggest game of your season- champions league final. Stay humble, focus on what went wrong and how you can improve yourself as a player.

  • Donkey Punch
    Donkey Punch

    That barnet is a belter!

  • ArielAprillia Rachmann
    ArielAprillia Rachmann

    England not gonna win the cup. Nothing new

  • V D
    V D

    Inspirational interview for all the young ones come through.

  • Kush

    He looks just like his Idol, Megan Rapione.

  • Seun1987

    Talk about dwelling on the past, and such negative questions, only positive questions was about his hair and that was a lot

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter

    Foden has to start!!!

  • Alex Mihai
    Alex Mihai

    He looks even more English now

  • kgb duck
    kgb duck

    Looks like stan

  • Martez Daw
    Martez Daw

    Kid: mom can we go to slim shady's concert mom: we already have a slim shady at home, son *the slim shady at home*:

  • Brain Donor
    Brain Donor

    Looks ginger to me.

  • Sicheal Mofield
    Sicheal Mofield

    Florian Wirtz gefällt das

  • Smith Codes
    Smith Codes

    iceland babes effect 🤣

  • Siri siri
    Siri siri

    Man said new tournament new me

  • thhthtrht

    More like dumb and dumber

  • HeadPeace

    These guys will give him a pressure complex. Keep these young talented players away from the inane press questions. It achieves nothing for the England squad.

  • Moe. Moe.codgamer
    Moe. Moe.codgamer

    I'm a Man United fan. Nice hairstyle young boy 😊

  • Full Light
    Full Light

    Is this the beginning of the end?

  • Spencer D
    Spencer D

    He ruined that story lol